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Higher Education Academy / JISC Combined Events Calendar

This is another small project I’m running, an attempt to pull together all learning and teaching events across the subject community in the UK:

JISC/HEA Interactive Calendar

JISC/HEA Interactive Calendar

What’s a little unfortunate about this project was it only really got into second gear – its ended up being a good “proof of concept” rather than a solution.  Some more funding and time and I could have really got it going. A project like this also requires a “nightwatchman” to make sure new feeds that spring up get checked and included as appropriate.

Rosy Future.

I must say though that iCAL is an excellent easy to work with event details format a great piece of pragmatic design which has established a deserved position as the way to share events information between machines – RSS is good at this also but was always intended for humans to use ultimately – this is a machine to machine language and it does what it does very well.

Get Involved:

I created a tool kit document to help interested parties to develop iCAL as part of their business functioning – from very technical to dead simple solutions. I hope not a stuffy document, written in an informal style.

Create an iCal feed Toolkit (Word/Open Office document)


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SL Datalinkers bringing the News

After a brief absence the Datalinker on VirtuALBA is back online (re-)joining the other 15 at various educational locations in Second Life.

EngSc Datalinker showing latest news on Second Life island Virtualba
I’m really pleased with these rather strange looking devices. They feed data from the EngSC online information databases in real-time into Second Life and have been used frequently by visiting avatars since the first one got installed on an island in October 2007.

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