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EXponEntial Ebooks and thE End of Print

Just to prove you’re never too old to study, I am doing a management prof. development training course at the University of Leicester, and its been an interesting experience because the paper book is dead, or at least not very well.


Generating an assignment, an eBook is so much easier to use; searching and little touches like automatic reference generation when you cut and paste is a particular time saver. Publisher interfaces for reading are poor though; 1990’s Kitch, but not in a good way.

As a computing postgrad – my last study experience before this, even 15 years ago because we were doing cutting edge study so we had gone mostly “Ebooks” for the study part of the degree (not typical at the time) so it’s not a new experience for me – but it has galvanised a view I’ve held for sometime; that the physical book is almost over; its┬áreally just a mindset change in our┬ástudents and once they get into the habit the change to ebooks will be one-way and exponential.
Never a good idea to make predictions though! 10 years. There I said it. History judge me kindly.

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