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Discovering the re-use and derivative works of Open Educational Resources

Introducing “DOB codes” to help link similar or related OER works, or to see the ‘family tree’ of the resource.

© Rob Pearce, (rcp:240610:a0000)

© rcp:240610:a0000

It would be most useful to potential users of an Open Educational Resources (OER)  to know about any similar or related works, or to see the ‘family tree’ of the resource, just by clicking a link. Re-users or creators of derivative works would benefit themselves, new users and  ancestral authors by continuing this linkage as they evolve the material.

There are a lot of very rigorous methods for storing information about  a resource developed my technologists and librarians, but I’ve developed a simpler idea that lends itself more, I hope, to the OER ethos.

It’s there to be shot at so please go ahead.

<p xmlns:dct=””&gt;
<a rel=”license” href=””&gt;
<img src=”×31.png&#8221;
style=”border-style: none;” alt=”Public Domain Mark” />
<br />
This work (<span property=”dct:title”>Using DOB Codes</span>, by <a href=”; rel=”dct:creator”><span property=”dct:title”>Rob Pearce</span></a>), identified by <a href=”; rel=”dct:publisher”><span property=”dct:title”>Rob Pearce</span></a>, is free of known copyright restrictions.

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