SEDA Online Training Course

March 20, 2009 at 10:09 am Leave a comment

Just finished a 6 week on line course on educational development. An interesting experience; my first online course as a student, though I was forced for personal reasons to miss weeks 3, 4 and 5 it was a great experience and i “met” some nice people. The last task was to write one’s earlier self a letter from 2012 – not something the students took too seriously. Mine is below.

Earlier Rob,

Sorry I’ve taken so long to write to you. Britain is hosting the 2012 Olympics and our sprinters just ran the Jamaicans and Americans into 2nd and 3rd place – it was a great idea to introduce an egg and spoon into the event. I got so excited as they crossed the line I spilt my Elixir of Youth drink all over the time machine – then I had to wait 6 months for NTL to come round and fix it.

Like some of your collegues you were forced to find another job but not as an educational developer – you are doomed I’m afraid to provide technological “support” to others due to your relative lack of experience in teaching. Those you support still transpose their frustration with the technology onto you but hey, that was never going to change.

You kept banging on about the use of virtual worlds in education and now most people are educated this way. You were right! Your sternest critics were happy to jump ship and take the credit. There is a lack of understanding of technology amongst experts on teaching and your career success grew quite well on these meagre rations. Be sure to control your passion for technology – it is not an end in itself! Your eclectic experiences of education meant you continued to thrive as a part time teacher and you will soon be a pedagogue and a technagogue; a dynamic partnership!

Enthusiasm for virtual worlds means real ocean front property became very cheap and your personal Balearic island continues to increase in value since being a Chav was criminalised on all the inner worlds of the Solar System.

Best regards, Rob.


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