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SEDA Online Training Course

Just finished a 6 week on line course on educational development. An interesting experience; my first online course as a student, though I was forced for personal reasons to miss weeks 3, 4 and 5 it was a great experience and i “met” some nice people. The last task was to write one’s earlier self a letter from 2012 – not something the students took too seriously. Mine is below.

Earlier Rob,

Sorry I’ve taken so long to write to you. Britain is hosting the 2012 Olympics and our sprinters just ran the Jamaicans and Americans into 2nd and 3rd place – it was a great idea to introduce an egg and spoon into the event. I got so excited as they crossed the line I spilt my Elixir of Youth drink all over the time machine – then I had to wait 6 months for NTL to come round and fix it.

Like some of your collegues you were forced to find another job but not as (more…)


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Virtual Quarry in Second Life

Pete Radcliff, manager of the e-Dev team at the University of Derby is working in conjunction with Derby University Virtual Quarry. Copyright 2010, Linden Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved. the Institute of Quarrying to replicate real quarrying situations: dangerous overhangs; explosions; hazardous working vehicles. Students move around the quarry identifying those hazards. The second edition of the quarry will include spontaneous rock falls, working drilling machines and a replica of a sequenced face explosion.

I’m really glad to see this kind of big engineering application in SL and I’m looking forward to going into the Quarry when i

ts finished. It makes good sense to run this type of simulation in SL.

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